Dawn M. Smith

By the end of February, folks are itching to transition from cold and dark to sunshine and warmth. Although we’ll all crave a fresh season, taking on spring cleaning all at once seems to be a monumental task. By focusing first on readying home decorating projects for spring, the rest of the cleanup tasks should feel far more manageable.

During the last dreary days of winter, spend some time preparing the items you’ll want to change into as soon as the first spring days hit.

  1. Launder or dry clean warm season slipcovers.
  2. Shop for or rotate winter decorative pillows and throw blankets.
  3. Stored window treatments will need freshening.
  4. Have rugs professionally shampooed.
  5. Locate bedroom linens and clean appropriately. If home washing is possible consider using lavender or other scented linen wash and sprays.
  6. Upgrade the master suite. Be inspired by new artwork, patterned linens or rugs.
  7. Gather sweet smelling candles. Honeysuckle and lilac are classic spring scents.
  8. Brainstorm ideas for a mantel update. Maybe a total makeover is due, or an assortment of colored glass is waiting to be the star of the show atop the mantel shelf.
  9. Prepare for a paint project. A coat of paint will breathe new life into a piece of furniture.
  10. Replace tired décor pieces. Each season, inexpensive and on trend decorating items are available at your favorite home stores.
  11. Educate yourself about the benefits houseplants produce. Big or small, incorporate one into your home’s décor design.
  12. Watch You Tube or take a class at a home improvement store to learn how to install architectural upgrades like crown molding or built in bookshelves.
  13. Start a display collection of spring related items such grass woven baskets or milk glass.
  14. If your stair case is a focal point, improve its beauty with refinished steps or detailed risers.
  15. Artfully arrange books on shelves with a color theme or wrap them in brown paper and twine for a unified, natural look.

Starting with the fun spring decorating prep will likely spur the motivation to tackle the mundane spring clean tasks. Or, if not, give yourself permission for a spring splurge and hire a cleaning crew! They’ll have the house sparkling in no time and ready to receive all of those carefully planned spring décor updates.


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