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“Darling! For our next PCS, I want the PERFECT house–it needs lots of space for the kids and space for family. I need a big, updated kitchen with a gas stove, and I know you really want a game room, right? Oh, and we need great schools for the kids. I want a space for outdoor dining…Honey? Honey? Are you listening to me?!”

“Um…I just need space for my truck and my tools, and I don’t want to have a long commute.”

“Are you kidding?! It’s IMPOSSIBLE to find anything good close to work!”

Nope! Not anymore. This house changes all that! So, yes, Veruca, of course you can have a pony.

This beautiful home in the Westover Hills area is convenient to the commuter friendly I-410 and US 151 without the traffic, so anyone working at either NSA or Lackland AFB will have a commute time of only 5 or 15 minutes, respectively. For the proximity to both work and shopping and dining, this area can’t be beat. So, if $265,000 is in your housing budget, and you don’t want to do highway battle with our notorious traffic on a daily basis, then CONGRATULATIONS! We’ve just found your dream neighborhood.

But commute isn’t everything. You actually have to want the house and need what the house has to offer you, and let me tell you, this home has it all.

Did you spend the holidays crammed in a too-tight kitchen, struggling over an electric stove that burned the veggies? Was family just a little too close for comfort hovering around the kitchen?  Get some room already! Check out the pictures of the miles of smooth siltstone countertops, stainless appliances, and custom cabinetry galore in this huge kitchen and drool–just a little, though. You don’t want to damage your keyboard because then you won’t be able to click on down to the backyard photos…

…where you can find a covered patio that overlooks your oversized backyard and another patio! Why do you need two patios? Well, one for relaxing in the shade (with a fan–did we mention the house is in San Antonio, and it gets HOT?), and the other for grilling and sunbathing. It’s rare to find such a great duo–you definitely won’t find that kind of extra practical outdoor living space in the brand new homes, but that’s the trade off.

So, if you need a home where no one else’s caboose has ever sat upon your commode, then a next-to-new home just isn’t for you. But, if you can recognize the value in better-than-new in a home where the owners have lovingly and painstakingly broken in the home for you with thoughtful and tasteful upgrades. You can just move right on in and enjoy living in your beautiful new home.

Oh, and as for the family who wants to make sure they’ve got room for the truck, the car, the ATV, bikes, a boat, jet skis, kayaks (hey-we should all be so lucky to have that many toys to store!), get excited! It’s a RARE find, but this home comes with not 1, not 2, but 3 spaces in the garage. Yep–it’s a 3-Car-Garage, folks. If you’re moving here from other parts of the country (hello, military!), then that may not seem like a big deal, but look around, my friends. Out here, this is big news, and once word gets around that there’s a house with the perfect combo of space in the kitchen, the backyard, and the garage, then this baby won’t last long!

We got so excited about just how much this home offers so much for people looking for a short commute, that we completely forgot to mention the rest of the key details you’re likely looking for…

…Got your checklist ready? We’ve also got:

4 bedrooms

2.5 bathrooms

A game room

Split master layout

Spa-like master bathroom


Kitchen island

Open floorplan

Oversized lot

Custom built planter boxes on patio

Wrought iron staircase

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