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19205-fenwick-crest-san-antonio-tx-High-Res-2Let’s take a journey to the perfect location for your home

Let your mind wander for a bit down a curvy, hillside road. Majestic quarry views greet your car as it skims along the road through a grand entrance. A quick turn left, and your car pulls into the Iron Mountain Ranch neighborhood.

Now be sure to drive slowly, ya hear? You’ll want to take your sweet time to wave to your friendly neighbors out walking their dogs (they’ll wave back–the neighbors might even wave, too!), tending to their yards, or watching their children play out front.

Nope. You haven’t entered a time-warp back into the 1950s. Pleasantville-infused communities like this really do exist, and better yet, you don’t have to drive out to the boonies for the experience. This community is right in Stone Oak.

That means that you can live in your idyllic community AND have easy access to some of the best restaurants, shopping, spas, fitness centers, hospitals, breweries, coffee houses, and childcare centers that San Antonio has to offer. It’s also in the NEISD School District. I could go on…

Part of me feels like a late night telemarketer right now, but I’ve got to say it–And that’s not all, folks! There’s more!

You get to live in Stone Oak without having to drive up Stone Oak Parkway.


It doesn’t take someone living in San Antonio for too long to elicit a shudder anytime you mention “Stone Oak” and “commute” in the same sentence. You can probably hear the typical response echoing in your head right now, “I’d LOVE to live there, but…” The commute.

What about the house already?

Oh, right! The house! I felt like I had to really spell out how perfect this location is because so few real estate professionals in San Antonio even KNOW about this tucked away little gem! Well, for now, that is. And if you paid attention with the last house you bought and sold, you already know how true the adage, “location, location, location!” and location is precisely what you’ve got here.

There’s also a fabulous home.

Got your must have list in front of you? Great!

One-level living so that you don’t have to trek up and down with laundry (or head upstairs during the night to check on the kids). Got it!

A spacious master bedroom with spa like bathroom retreat? Got that, too!

19205-fenwick-crest-san-antonio-tx-High-Res-18 19205-fenwick-crest-san-antonio-tx-High-Res-20

Make sure that master retreat is separated from the guest room, office, kids room, craft room, or however you choose to use the other two bedrooms? Yep!

A kitchen worthy of holiday dinners for next year? Oh yeah! You’ve got granite, tons of storage space in tall cabinetry, and counter space galore on a long island. You can entertain right from the kitchen while guests cluster in the eat-in kitchen area or spread out in the adjoining living room. After they’ve all left, you can cozy up in front of your fireplace!

19205-fenwick-crest-san-antonio-tx-High-Res-10 19205-fenwick-crest-san-antonio-tx-High-Res-16Prefer a little more formal options for dining? Got that, too! Imagine a grand entrance room separated from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. You’ve got space for a formal seating area and a long table to fit all of your family and friends for a feast! If formal dining isn’t your thing, no need to waste the space. This entryway area would also make a great office space and casual seating area for game time and movie night!

Relax and recover from all of your festivities each morning with a steamy mug of coffee in your breakfast area while you look out at the gracious, mature trees in your fenced-in backyard.

What more could you want?

Ha! Of course you want more. That’s why you’re in the market for a great home like this, after all!

Well, to sweeten the deal, this home offers value. At a little over 2,300 feet, it’s one of the smaller homes in the neighborhood, which means that it has more room to grow in value than the big boys do.

It’s also a corner lot. This home has every hallmark of great value, but while value is important, what’s more important is whether this home and this location will meet your needs and your family’s needs.

If you think this home may be a good fit for you, make an appointment quickly, because a home that meets this many parameters for the ideal home in San Antonio won’t last long!  

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