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We recently sat in on the San Antonio Board of REALTORS (SABOR) Military Housing Forecast for 2016. The market in San Antonio looks really promising!

Here are 6 of the key things we learned about the San Antonio housing market:

1. Expect interest rates to stay low.  

Actually, if you’ve been paying attention this week, you’ll see that interest rates are not only dropping, but they’re dropping FAST. If you’re seeking to buy a home, then this means that you’ve got more purchasing power to buy a higher dollar home on your BAH budget! Now, who wants to talk granite and silestone? 😉

2. If you are a homeowner near Lackland AFB, you’ve got a GREAT chance of selling to a military family. 80% live off base!

There are only 2,100 homes aboard Lackland AFB for military families, and over 25,000 people are stationed on Lackland. That doesn’t even account for all of the civilian employees, those stationed at the Kelly Annex, or those stationed on Security Hill. If you’re a homeowner looking to sell, then you’re sitting pretty. Give us a call to chat about the top 5 things that our military families are looking for when they go to buy a home, and we’ll let you know if your home might be a good fit!

3. San Antonio is growing! Fast!

Did you know that over 1,000 people move to San Antonio every week? That’s crazy! That’s the same amount of people who move into the ENTIRE state of Florida each week.

4. The military is growing in San Antonio, too!

We’ve known this for awhile, but it’s really picking up the pace now. Check out two of the recent posts Karina wrote for MilitaryByOwner on growth in San Antonio.

5. San Antonio and south Texas expects $2.8 billion in foreign investment

With land, labor, cheap natural gas, and deep water ports, this area is primed for foreign investment!

6. Retail is projected to expand alongside residential expansion in San Antonio!

So, if you’re looking for a home in an area that doesn’t have much retail, then chances are, it’ll follow soon. This is typically great for your long-term property value. Buy low, sell high!

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