by Dawn M. Smith

Welcome 2017!

We’ve been awaiting your arrival and vow to make changes in our homes that will break us out of our ho hum, boring, go-to decorating styles. This is the year to try a bold paint color or embrace a unique design trend.

For inspiration, start with one of these projects for the New Year.

  1. Feel like you’ve been in a decorating rut? Ask a friend with style you admire to inventory a room you’d want to update. She’ll have great ideas you’ve never thought of. Shift the couch here, add art work there. It’s amazing what options others can see, but you’ve been blind to. This is a very attractive option for those on a low budget or living in rental property.
  2. Start the New Year by purging dated decorative items and objects you just don’t love anymore. User-friendly home sites like HGTV are there at the ready to offer storage solutions and design ideas to keep you updated. Keep in mind de-cluttering is a necessary part of any potential future sale (or PCS) of your home.
  3. Try refinishing a small piece of furniture this year. It’s a lot easier and less expensive than you think. Start with a treasure found at a thrift store or garage sale. Stain, chalk, even spray paint are cheap ways to add a new piece of custom furniture. No harm done if the finish isn’t right the first time. Just try again. The more practice you have the more confident you’ll feel.
  4. Paint makes a big statement, but sometimes those statements are too Pick a color you adore but can’t use in a large space. Use it unexpectedly in a secret place only your family will know about. In a pantry, laundry room or even inside a closet or armoire.
  5. Decorative fabric adds life and color to any room. Stretched on canvas or framed it serves as artwork or as a punch of color on table linen. A beautifully slip covered couch can become a stylish focal point with the right fabric. Ask around locally; a talented seamstress can produce slipcovers for less than a brand name furniture store sells them.
  6. Be honest, does your master suite need an overhaul? It’s easy to neglect this space because the default is to shut the door and focus on the public areas of the house. This year, channel hidden creativity and make a peaceful and comfortable bedroom a priority.
  7. After the holiday decorations are put away, many people experience a sort of blah fleeing as winter rolls on. Beat the blues with a front door and porch makeover. After arriving home, seeing a freshly painted door with accessories like a new door mat, mailbox, and greenery will perk up anyone’s spirits.

Pick one resolution per month to keep decorating motivation going all year, or tackle a few at time for the most impact. Either way, get to work, because another New Year will be here in a flash!

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