Living space in a home is often very personal. It’s the special place where comfort and a decorating style happily collide to form a mini nest. Whether the space is used for Super Bowl Sunday, or an intimate cocktail party, a stylish and comfortable living room makes all the difference.
Unfortunately, comfortable doesn’t necessarily equate stylish. And stylish often means expensive. How can homeowners marry fashion and comfort to produce a perfect living space?
These are 9 suggestions to help you get started designing the living space you’ve always wanted.
1. Injecting style into a room is a simple as adding paint. Painted walls provide the most dramatic effects, but smaller projects like bookshelves, mantles, and even ceiling color boost visual elements.
2. Don’t be afraid of second hand. Apps like Nextdoor and OfferUp supply the chance to find treasures as is, or for a project later. Small console or coffee tables are easily found, as are decorative items. Be especially watchful on Sundays, when garage and basement cleanouts are at their peak.
3. Direct attention to a beautiful focal point. A mantel or built in shelving units are perfect to dress up inexpensively. Bring your favorite, but hidden collections to light and display them artfully. Books, pottery, photos, silver serving platters, baskets or even wedding china make stylish statements.
4. A large wall is an easy place to showcase a photo gallery. Choose a city, town or street your family loves. Local photographers often have prints on hand to sell. Unifying the photos with one color frame or a combination of complimentary wood tones offers extra appeal.
5. Architectural details invite richness and texture to a room. Crown molding or bead board adds visual curiosity. For an even less expensive option, home improvement stores carry textured wall paper which can mimic bead board or tin tile patterns.
6. Treat lighting fixtures like important accessories. Overhead, table side or wall mounted lighting sparks creative interest. Updated shades or modern features supply an extra layer of “pretty” to a living space.
7. Freshen hardware on living room furniture. Knobs, pulls, and even metal table legs are simple to update with spray paint.
8. Design your coffee table like a magazine. Grab an issue you love and copy the technique stylists create. You’ll see they use various heights, alike objects, and personal touches within a straightforward perimeter on the table. You’ll likely already own several options, like candlesticks.
9. Use a bold pattern for curtains. They make a statement in a room while detracting from any flaw you might not have had the time to update, such as plain wall color. There are easy and inexpensive no-sew DIY solutions for curtains online.
There’s no time like now to start styling to your favorite living space. Pick one of these tips to begin the transformation and the others will be easy to complete one by one!

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