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On January 4, we launch our partnership with ArmyMWR. Woohoo! We’re so excited to spread our gospel of making smart home buying and home selling decisions for your military family with the WORLD (okay, mostly just Army families, but we dream big in our office!).

In our initial blog, you’ll read all about the advice that we give to military families who receive a mere one month’s notice before they need to PCS (for the non-military reader, that means a relocation to another duty station). It generally doesn’t take too many duty stations before this may happen to your military family, too.

So, if you’ve been lucky enough to avoid the one month notification roulette, we’re hoping you’ll learn what we’ve all had to learn the hard way before it happens to you! If you’ve had orders to get outta town in just one month (or less!), share your tips on how your military family dealt with the short notice in our comments below!

In our post on ArmyMWR, we discuss the importance of finding out your home’s value, and how–for a number of reasons–it’s often challenging for military families to sell after living in their home for only three years. However, that doesn’t mean that you either:

Can’t Sell, or Shouldn’t sell.

Not everyone wants to be a military landlord and manage another property from around the world. Do you really want to learn about your leaky faucet in Texas when you’re relaxing on the beach in Hawaii? How about receiving a middle of the night call in Germany because it’s 105-degrees in San Antonio and your tenant’s air conditioning unit just went on the fritz?

Nah, I didn’t think so.

You can get a property manager, but they come at a price. You have to calculate whether you can afford an additional 8-10% each month on top of your mortgage, taxes, and insurance to cover the cost of having someone else field those crazy calls for you. In full disclosure, I pay for property managers for my rentals, and let me tell you, not having to answer middle of the night calls anymore is worth EVERY PENNY!

Check out our post on ArmyMWR when it launches on Monday, January 4. If you’re afraid you’ll miss all of the important tips that we’ve got to share in it (we want to make sure you receive them!), then simply either subscribe to our blog, register on our website, or shoot us a quick email to ask us not to forget about you when we send out an email blast once our post is live!

Then, check back here on Tuesday, January 5, and we’ll share our tips on how to make the big decision of what to do with your house. BUT, before we do that, share with us in the comments below or on Facebook whether you would choose to:

Sell your home no matter what it cost you!

Sell your home at a small loss so that you can just MOVE ON, already!

Turn your home into a rental until you can cover the loss in a sale with gained equity in a few years.

Long-term real estate investment, baby. I’m channeling Ms. Barbara Corcoran, and building my mini-rental empire.

Go on–we’re dying to know which one you’d choose!


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