The front entrance of your home is a key part of the “First Impression.” You want them to want to come in and see more, here’s how:

Paint, clean or stain the front door.

Make sure entry light and doorbell are in working order.

Add a welcome mat with a splash of color.

Repaint or replace mailbox.

Remove all dead plants.

Replace dead plants with colorful flowers.


Curb Appeal 

Freshen up the outsides of your home with these 3 easy tips:

Clean out your gutters! It’s easier to scoop up the leaves and debris in your gutters when the stuff is wet, so pull out your ladder and clean the gutters after a soaking rain. You should do this at least twice a year, but may need to do it monthly if your home is surrounded by trees.

Add mulch. By the end of the month, the ground has thawed in many parts of the country and it’s time to start warding off weeds. If you didn’t mulch in early winter, now is the time to add a layer to discourage weeds.

Cut the grass. Keep the grass mowed, homebuyers like to see a home that is kept up with. Also, use a grass trimmer to make the edges of the yard look nicer!

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