I’m sure you know the stereotype that comes along Mean-Girls-Homeschooled-Kidswith children who are home-schooled. After years of being cooped up at home with their only friend being their mom or their siblings they have no social skills and they’re just down right weird. One of the first things that pops into my mind that part from Mean Girls where Cady is explaining that she’s not a “weird, overly-religious” stereotypical homeschool kid, and the camera pans to a group of young boys dressed in overalls in front of a bale of hay being used for target practice as they proclaim that “on the third day, God created the Remington bolt-action rifle…so that man could fight the dinosaurs and the homosexuals.” As funny (and as awful and wildly inappropriate) it may be, this stigma that surrounds homeschooling couldn’t be any further from the truth. As a mom, I strive to educate myself on the different types of education that are out there, so that I can make sure my children are getting the best they can. I also want to help other moms do the same. In the past weeks, Litton Realty has given you a guide on the best school districts and schools for military families in San Antonio, and a guide on the best charter schools in San Antonio. Now, we’re are giving you a guide on all the resources that are offered to home-schoolers in the San Antonio area ranging from support groups, tutors/classes, specialty groups, religious support, park day support, to university modeled classes and activities to fit any family in any walk of life. San Antonio homeschoolers have a ton of options to pick from to keep them social, healthy, and ahead in school.

 Support Group $   Tutors/Classes O   Online Only
C   Co-op U   University Model F   Statement of Faith
P   Park Day Support S   Specialty  (Legend for type of activity)

Alamo Area Christian Educators ($, F)


AACE, Inc. offers supplemental academic tutoring in a classroom environment for homeschoolers in and around the San Antonio area. They meet on Fridays throughout the school year, and students may take from one to five classes as needed. All tutors and staff are Christians and lessons are taught from a Christian perspective, but they welcome all students regardless of religious affiliation as long as they feel they can serve their educational needs.

BASH: Bexar/ Atacosa Secular Homeschoolers (G, C, P)


Bexar/Atascosa Secular Homeschoolers is a new, secular organization designed to serve those in south San Antonio and surrounding areas in Bexar county and Atascosa county. It is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization with many benefits and activities. There is a mix of social and educational opportunities, festivals, discounts and even a scholarship is being established. BASH is an all-inclusive group that welcomes all religious beliefs and educational philosophies.

BACH: Boerne Area Christian Homeschoolers (G,C,P,$,F)


BACH is a Christ-centered support group that uses the Bible to provide the basis and standard of truth and values.

The primary goal of BACH is the development of Christian character in children, where each child is led to a personal relationship with Christ and trained in scriptural principals and values. Another goal is to promote academic excellence, which is to be acquired as a natural outcome of responsible, consistent homeschooling.

Their purpose of meeting together is to encourage and support the families of those in pursuit and continuance of homeschooling by sharing experiences, pooling resources, and providing opportunities to build relationships with others whose values and perspectives are within the scope of the values and perspectives of this organization.

As a Christ-centered support group, BACH will provide encouragement, information, and appropriate experiences to anyone who may be interested in homeschooling, or is already homeschooling.

ENAACT: Educational Network for Academics, Arts, and Character Training (U)


E.N.A.A.C.T. Family Academy is a university-model co-op for homeschool families. Their New Braunfels facility is equipped with 25 classrooms, including a science lab, art, music and dance studios, library, computer lab, and lecture rooms with white boards and classroom seating for 6 to 16 students in each room. They offer about 170 different academic and elective classes each semester, taught by both parents who volunteer their area of specialization and professional paid instructors. Due to parent participation, many of our classes are free, or only have a small supply fee. Registration fee $25-$40 per semester, parent participation encouraged, drop-off tuition also available. Most classes are taught by parent volunteers, but some are studio-quality classes offered by professional instructors. Social events, reading contest, presidential physical fitness, student ID’s, yearbook, standardized testing, grading, honor roll, transcripts, honor society, community service, SAT Prep, science fair, art show, and dual credit classes (for those who qualify) are just some of the programs available to ENAACT students. The students have weekly chapel, and enjoy a recreational lunchtime together each co-op day. High School Juniors and Seniors also have Prom and Graduation. Parents and students work together to coordinate these activities, with the goal of honoring the Lord in all that we do.

Homeschool Happenings (G, P)

This is a homeschool group designed to provide information on activities in and around New Braunfels and San Antonio for homeschool families. The activities range from field trips to play days. This group is open to children of all ages and all stages of homeschooling. This is primarily a Christian group, but all faiths are welcome!

Relaxed Homeschool Group (P)


The Relaxed Homeschool Group meets in the San Antonio/New Braunfels area in Texas. The children in the group range in age from babies up to 15 years old. They are not a religious based group; therefore, they have no statement of faith and no forms to sign, no membership fees or other requirements. Anyone who is interested in homeschooling can join them for our regular meetings.

North Central San Antonio Homeschoolers (P)

This group is for homeschoolers of all ages (and their parents, of course) in the north central areas (i.e Stone Oak, Timberwood Park, Bulverde, Spring Branch).

They meet every Wednesday from 10-12 at Bullis County Park. They gather each week to have a place where the kids can play and make new friends and the adults can have a chance to talk with each other and share ideas.

Northwest Homeschoolers (P)

Join the fun at Raymond Russell Park on the northwest side of San Antonio, Texas! They’re a group of home schooling families that meet for a fun park day, make friends and learn! They welcome everyone…home schoolers, unschoolers, and unfulfilled, unsatisfied public/private schoolers of all faiths.  Raymond Russell has a multitude of playgrounds, volleyball and basketball courts, and even a riverbed for exploring. They meet Tuesdays between 10am and 1pm for the summer months of June, July and August, and from noon till 3pm during September through May.

SHINE: Supporting Homeschoolers in the North East (G, P)


SHINE is a non-profit 501c3 organization designed to provide cooperative opportunities and a support network to families educating their children at home in the Northeast San Antonio, TX area. SHINE is a completely volunteer group. All the leadership positions are held by moms willing to freely give of their time in various areas to support the SHINE group. The activities that they have may vary from year to year depending what the various moms volunteer to take on for that year.In the past, SHINE activities have included: Mom’s Night Out, Co-op, Support Meetings, Teen Time, Field Trips, Symphony, Family Ministries, Teen Spring Ball, Service Projects, Book Clubs, Used Book Sale, Yearbook and Park Days.

SA-HERO: San Antonio Home Education Resources and Opportunities (S)


H.E.R.O. is a non-profit organization committed to providing access to opportunities and resources for home educators of all races, religions, philosophies, and education styles for expanding and improving their home education experience. H.E.R.O. is dedicated to fostering a supportive atmosphere for home educators by raising the awareness of alternative education choices and increasing positive interactions within the San Antonio metro area community. Currently, they are presenting homeschool information sessions to inform the public on all homeschooling options available in the San Antonio area. As part of their mission, H.E.R.O. is developing a lending library of homeschool materials and equipment. They are also seeking official 501c tax status to help support homeschool programs such as band, academic competitions, and athletics.

San Antonio Homeschool 

For homeschoolers in and around San Antonio, Texas. Primarily for announcements of events of interest to the San Antonio homeschooling community, rather than for discussions and chat.

For more information on homeschooling support groups in the San Antonio area, make sure to visit www.homeedsa.com! Make sure to check out our other awesome blog posts!


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