When you think of romantic waterways with rich history, Venice, Italy pops into your mind.

When you think of fine dining at some of the best restaurants in the world, you think Paris, France.

When you think of a four-star movie experience, you’d probably only expect it at a Hollywood premier.

What if I told you that you could experience all of this and thensome right here in San Antonio, TX? Not only is it the “Alamo City”, but it might as well be the city of love, lights, food, culture, and romance. Whether it’s sipping on an “Effin Margarita” at Michelino’s on the Riverwalk and people watching, or catching dinner and a movie at Alamo Drafthouse, San Antonio is the perfect date night city. Let Litton Realty Group take all the work out of date-night, so that you can just relax and spend quality time together with our list of the best the Alamo City’s best date-night spots.

“Tourists for a Night” Date Nightbp21

Even if you’ve lived in San Antonio your whole life, there is always something new to do on the Riverwalk. With $384.1 million in recent improvements done to the Riverwalk, it’s better than ever. Especially now that summer is over, we (almost) have the Riverwalk to ourselves again. Park at the Rivercity Mall garage, and head down to the waterway to experience the lush three-hundred year old history that is downtown San Antonio that millions of people come to experience every year. Walk across the bridge Selena got proposed to on, explore the Alamo, visit Marriage Island (225 marriages are performed here per year because of the good luck it provides), visit the historic Coyote Ugly bar, and ride around in a tour boat. When you’re ready to rest your feet, stop by Michelino’s to get some of the best Italian food in the city, and sip on San Antonio’s number one margarita, the “Effin Margarita.” The restaurant is far enough from the commercial side of the Riverwalk to give you a sense of privacy, but close enough that you can people watch and enjoy the action. The truant has an excellent in-house mariachi band, and if you’re into live music, a Texas country cover band inside the bar. If one night isn’t enough, book a room at the Westin, and if you’re lucky enough you might be able to see one of the numerous celebrities that stay in the hotel.

“Tee off for Two” Date Nightbp22

The newest source of entertainment in San Antonio is no tees (pun alert), and is all its cracked up to is. With multiple levels to tee off on, a bar that is the record-breaking top seller of alcohol in the state of Texas, and an arcade- there’s something for golf enthusiasts and fun-seekers alike. Make sure you get there though relatively early on Friday and Saturday night though, as it’s a hot-spot ad gets crowded very quickly. Since it’s located right next to The Rim and La Cantera, bask in the ambiance of Whiskey Cake for pre-date munchies, or head to BJ’s for a midnight pizookie.

“Fine Dining at the Pearl” Date Night


The Pearl Brewery has been a staple in the culture of San Antonio since 1881, since it opened its doors as the J. B Behloradsky Brewing Company. Just like it was the only brewery in San Antonio to survive prohibition, it has stood the test of time. Every restaurant at the Pearl strives to embody Texas and Latin heritage, while providing an up-scale fine dining experience, and it probably has something to of with the Culinary institute of San Antonio being right there. Feeling like some ranch-style grilling? Chef Jeff White’s “Boiler House” should wet your whistle. If you’re looking for organic, Chef Steve McHugh’s restaurant “Cured” not only has a wide selection, but also was nominated for Bon Appetit’s America’s Best New Restaurants of 2014. The Granary, the brain-child of Chef Tim Rattray and Brewmeister Alex Rattray, and featured as one of the best restaurants in 2014 by Texas Monthly, introduces diners to a variety of globally inspired barbecue while offering craft beer that is brewed on site. If you want some good home-style comfort food, but you happen to be a kosher vegetarian, Green is San Antonio’s only 100% kosher and vegetarian restaurant. If you want to pretend you’re in Florence for the night, Il Sogno Osteria, run by the renowned chef, Andrew Weissman can take you there with their Italian fare that might just beat what you’d find in a trattorias in Italy. Named for the prevailing Gulf breeze and the Texas coast’s proud sense of place, Southerleigh serves Chef Jeff Balfour’s modern take on Texas’ cross-cultural cuisine, with the added bonus of an on-site brewery. After you’re done eating, tour one of the Pearls unique shops that range from clothes, kitchen items, and novelty gifts. To end the night, stop by the famous Bakery Lorraine for one of their delicious macaroons, Lick Honest Ice-creams for home-churned goodness, or for a mid-night snack, la Gloria, who might just have the best tacos in San Antonio.

“Rated G- for Grown-Up” Date Night


Your first date probably went a little something like this: you were either awkwardly picking up/being picked up by your date or even worse, being driven by your mom. You went to dinner, and a movie, and if you were lucky you got to hold the other person’s hand. If you’re looking to relive that experience, you probably don’t want to go to Alamo Drafthouse. Founded in Austin, TX, Alamo Drafthouse is built like any other theatre, with the exception of the table that runs the length of the row. During the pre-show, a waiter unobtrusively comes by to pick up the order you requested on the pen and paper provided, and then brings you your food. The food and drink selection is wide with specials updated every three months. The result is an upscale dinner and a movie experience, that’s perfect for grown-ups. Make sure you get there on time though, because Alamo Drafthouse does not play the standard pre-show previews that other theater chains do.

“Majestically Magical” Date Night


Built in 1929, in the heart of downtown San Antonio, the Majestic Theatre is a staple in the culture of San Antonio. Since it’s grand-opening the Majestic has been bringing culture and life to the hill country having housed countless plays, movies, acts, and musicians from all genres and from all over the world. Just this fall alone, there are over 21 different shows ranging from “Alvin and the Chipmunks” to the Moscow Ballet’s performance of “The Nutcracker” (I’ve seen this, and it’s incredible…go). If you get hungry before or after the show, go to Bohanan’s Bar and Bistro down the street, another historic site in San Antonio that offers old-world ambiance reflective of the restaurants 215-year-old history.

“Flights of Fancy” Date Night


Take your date night to new heights with a helicopter over beautiful San Antonio with Alamo Helicopter Tours. Experience San Antonio like you never have before by soaring all over downtown. Alamo Helicopters offers two surpassingly affordable tours. The “Downtown San Antonio” tour flys you over the Alamodome, Tower of Americas, La Villita, and the Alamo. The “Alamo and More” tour will take you on a cruise up the San Antonio River over the Alamo, River walk downtown. Then shooting further north, you will fly by the San Antonio Zoo and Quarry Market. Be sure to look for the old cement stack. On the return portion of the flight, see the San Antonio Botanical Gardens, the Tower of the Americas, and Mission Road. Both tours cost less than $120 a person, so if you’re whether you’re celebrating, proposing, or just wanting to make this date night extra special, you’re bound to amaze on a budget.




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