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Owner and operator of San Antonio-based Real Estate firm Lindsey Litton is growing her award-winning reality company with the goal of hiring military spouses, ending the disadvantages that spouses of military members face in the workforce, and giving back to the military community.

“90% of military spouses are either unemployed or underemployed,” said Litton. “Even worse, when they are able to get a job, they make on average $3.00 less per hour than their civilian counterparts.” Litton first heard about these numbers recently, when she met members of the Milspo Project; a nationally-recognized non-profit organization that supports military spouse entrepreneurs. “I have been a military spouse for almost a decade; and many of my fellow spouses that are college educated and have unbelievable resumes cannot get the jobs they want. Once I heard these statistics, I was determined to do something to change this.”

Litton moved from Clovis, NM to San Antonio, Texas three years ago with her husband Reuben, an Air Force Major, and her two small children. Like many military spouses, she worked from home for a company that allowed her to work remotely as a marketer. After her move to San Antonio, however, her position at the company was terminated. With her career at a halt, she knew she had to take her job prospects in a new direction and decided to take a leap of faith. She earned her realty license and founded The Litton Group in 2015 with the focus on creating high-earning job opportunities for other military spouses in the realty industry. One year later, The Litton Group has grown to a team of 4 military spouses, has sold more than $10 Million in residential home sales and is ready to expand beyond the State of Texas.

When asked about her experience with the Litton Group, Karina Gafford, Litton’s business partner, fellow realtor, and military spouse said: “Becoming a realtor is hard work, but if you have someone like Lindsey to walk you through the process, teach you how to navigate it and show you not only the earning potential but also the schedule flexibility, and the ability to take your job with you no matter where you move, it is not only worth the effort but it is also incredibly fulfilling.”

Additionally, Gafford explained how buying and selling a home as a military family is entirely different than as a civilian family, because every home you buy will not be your “forever home” until you retire from service. “Military families have different needs. When they buy a home, they need to take into account that they will be moving to a different state or country in three to four years. You need to have a conversation about that in the beginning and take into consideration what the family might want to do once it is time to pack up and leave again,” Gafford said.

After starting The Litton Group, Litton also noticed the need for a system where military families can easily find realtor contacts in any city they move to. “The goal with a network of this kind would be to make the process of constantly moving easier for military families by connecting them with a realtor as soon as they receive their new military orders,” said Litton. “This would also help military-focused realtors expand their client base.” Litton is in the process of developing this system, which she will call The Military Referral Network and is set to launch later this year. “In addition to connecting military families and realtors, The Military Referral Network will also help us give back to the military community; because a percentage of every sale made through one of our referrals will go back to military-focused non-profit organizations,” explained Litton.

Litton’s Husband, Reuben Litton, a Major and an Instructor Pilot with the Air Force, is excited about the effort his wife is making to pursue her new career and help and encourage other military spouses. “For Lindsey to pursue a successful career with the adversity and barriers of military life speaks volumes of her drive, energy and determination,” he said. “Lindsey will not stop or slow down; I see her taking the business to new levels and I see her helping other military spouses break out of a currently unacceptable mold of 90% unemployed or underemployed.” When asked about the professional hurdles his wife has faced by the frequent military moves he said he is “humbled that despite moving every three to four years Lindsey has been able to start a business, outpace those with decades of experience, and form a team that has employed 4 other military spouses to date; all in less than 18 months in the Real Estate game.”

Litton’s 5-year goal is to continue to expand her business nationally and let military spouses across the country know that realty is not only a successful career for them but that The Litton Group is there to support them every step of the way. Additionally, she hopes to bring awareness to the issue of multi-state licensing. Military families move much more frequently than civilian families do. This becomes an issue when military spouses working in the realty business need to earn their realty licenses every time they move to a different state.

In the next year alone, The Litton Group will be opening a Colorado office while continuing to expand within the State of Texas. “There are many realty and lending companies that offer incentives to the military home buyer;” Litton explained. “What differentiates us, is that we go the extra mile. We understand their situation, because we live it every day and we focus on taking care of them like family; because they are family.”

About The Litton Group

The Litton Group was founded by military spouse and realtor Lindsey Litton in 2015. With the goal to help military families navigate the home buying and selling process; the Litton Group is also focused on furthering realty career opportunities for military spouses, who face a growing disadvantage in the workforce today. Created in San Antonio, Texas, The Litton Group will be opening a Colorado office this Fall. For more information about The Litton Group please visit or call 210.802.8310.



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