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I often get asked: Lindsey, why did you go into real estate? They usually follow it with: you’re a military wife it just seems silly given you move every so often. And depending on when you ask me, my answer varies. It wasn’t an easy decision. You mean starting a business and leaving a business doesn’t sound exciting? I also didn’t want to be a “salesperson”—one that wears a sport coat, name tag and Bluetooth device. Why would anyone want to look like that? My impressions of real estate agents were bleak and in the same moment something about it was intriguing.

Fast-forward 18 months and 8 Million in closed sales later. Real estate by far was the scariest and best decision I’ve ever made. I don’t wear a blazer, nor do I act like a creepy salesperson (at least I hope I don’t)—I do what I do best: I market the crap out of stuff (stuff in this case being my business homes). I see moving around as opportunity and fail to listen to anyone that tells me otherwise.

Owning my own business is awesome! Sure I sometimes work 65+ hours a week (I am a small business owner) and I do work the occasional weekend; however, I have complete control. Around the time I was contemplating real estate, I told a friend I wanted to own an inspirational company. I had no idea what that meant or how closely related it would soon become to my real estate business.

Now it all makes sense. My purpose, my mission and ultimately “my inspirational company” is helping other military spouses seek meaningful careers in real estate. BINGO! I solved my own puzzle.

If I can produce 8 Million in closed sales in 18 months, what’s your excuse? I have two small kids, a military husband that works 14-hour days and deploys, I don’t know tons of people in my market—I have every reason to fail and succeed at the same time. Rather than focusing on limiting beliefs that it is too hard, I choose to inspire myself to push through comfort zones. It’s when we are uncomfortable when we see the most growth.

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Don’t get me wrong; it’s not always pretty. I write contracts on the bathroom floor (this photo is me working while my kids take a bath). The biggest reward is owning a business where I control my income from any location. Sure building an empire doesn’t come without sacrifices; however, if you’re a military spouse or just determined for success you know that nothing worth having doesn’t come without a sacrifice or two.

Fail faster and reach for your dreams.

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