Founded by military spouses, the forces behind The Litton Group and MilHousing Network are driven by a mission to educate and empower their fellow military families to make the best financial decisions for their families.

We stand with those we serve because we are our clients. Our agents have multiple PCS’s under their belts, and they’ve faced the same decisions–buy or rent, sell or become a landlord–that you’re facing. We know what it’s like to work with agents who don’t understand what it’s like to buy and sell under duress because Uncle Sam says it’s time to go, and we work hard so that you never feel that way again.

We stand with expert, vetted partners who know the military market. We also know what it’s like to work with lenders who don’t understand the complex financial situations of military families using their VA Home Loan. This phenomenal loan product is unfortunately not widely understood by lenders and agents accustomed to working in a conventional loan market. Without insider expertise, it’s challenging at best to problem solve the many sticky situations that can arise throughout the process. We vet all the lenders we recommend to make sure they meet our stringent problem-solving standards, so that your lender never stands in the way of you and your perfect home.

We stand with our fellow military spouses. In recognition of the 90% unemployment and underemployment rate of military spouses, we hire military spouses. Through an intensive apprenticeship program, we train them to become master buyer’s agents and listing agents. We also mentor fellow aspiring military spouses business owners through a non-profit called The MilSpo Project. Also, we regularly speak at events that provide a forum for us to address our mission to combat the military spouse unemployment.

For private business coaching, writing, or speaking inquiries, please connect with us through our Contact Page, and we will respond shortly.

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